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Scottsdale, Arizona

Smoke Smart E-cigarettes have changed my life! I don’t have to choose where I want to go depending on which places are convenient to smoke. Now, I can go anywhere I want and just choose to use my Smoke Smart E-cigarette. The flexibility has made spending time in public places more enjoyable and opened up the variety of things I do now. It is much more relaxing now that I don’t have to find limited smoking areas to escape to, but can just sit and enjoy my Smoke Smart E-cigarette wherever I am.


Kesha Q.

Plano, Texas

No more dirty looks! Not only do nonsmokers not seem to mind it when I use the Smart Smoke E-cigarettes, they actually ask questions and become very interested about it. I have had so many people who don’t even smoke ask me where they can find Smoke Smart E-cigarettes for someone they know who smokes. Smokers are not the only ones who enjoy Smoke Smart E-cigarettes.



Indianapolis, Indiana

I purchased Smoke Smart E-cigarettes so my boyfriend would quit complaining about me smelling like cigarettes all the time. Now, he really does kiss me more! My clothes and hair don’t always stink now that I  have Smoke Smart E-cigarettes. And, I don’t have to use so much gum or lotion to cover the smell. I have much more confidence when I walk in a room now knowing I don’t always reek of smoke. Thank you!



Miami, Florida

All the flavors and colors are so much fun! I still haven’t tried all of the flavors but have really enjoyed those I have used so far, especially the watermelon and clove. I also like my pink Smoke Smart e-Cigarette. All my friends like it and I get comments most places I go.  



Reno, Nevada

Every time my friend enjoyed his Smoke Smart E-cigarette in our favorite diner,  I had to go outside to light up my cigar. Many times, I wished I had an e-Cigar. Recently, I discovered the Smoke Smart e-Cigar and ordered one immediately. Now, I can enjoy myself right there in the diner. The variety of products on this website is amazing. 

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